Move fast and securely with the password manager trusted by millions.

Drive collaboration, boost productivity, and experience the power of open source with Bitwarden, the easiest way to secure all your passwords and sensitive information.

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Why bitwarden?

Your online world revolves around passwords. To stay safe from data breaches, you need to create strong and unique passwords for every account, but remembering them all without help gets tricky.

Using a password manager lets you easily protect yourself and your data. Bitwarden generates, stores, and secures your most important digital assets in an end-to-end encrypted vault.

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Powerful security within minutes

For those who want to do more, secure more, and collaborate more, Bitwarden is fast and easy to set up for both individuals and businesses.

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Unlimited passwords, unlimited devices

Cross platform access for mobile, browser, and desktop apps. Supported in over 40 languages.

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Protect what's important to you

Zero knowledge, end-to-end encryption guides the Bitwarden open source approach to trust, accountability, and security.

Generate, consolidate, and autofill strong and secure passwords for all your accounts

Bitwarden gives you power to create and manage unique passwords, so you can strengthen privacy and boost productivity online from any device or location.

Securely share encrypted information directly with anyone

Bitwarden Send is a feature that allows all users to transmit data directly to others, while maintaining end-to-end encrypted security and limiting exposure.

Gain peace of mind with comprehensive compliance

Protect your online data using a password manager you can trust. Bitwarden conducts regular third-party security audits and is compliant with GDPR, SOC 2, HIPAA, Privacy Shield, and CCPA standards.

Protect more than your passwords

Store all types of sensitive data, transmit it securely to anyone, access vault health reports—and much more.

Unleash your true potential with the power of Bitwarden!