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“Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.” — Wayne Huizenga, prolific American business person, owner of Blockbuster Video and the Miami Dolphins.

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Our Story – A legend told over generations begins at the dawn of time when there was a big black void, then a bang and a blinding flash of light. What happened next is a mystery, but great powers coalesced into little stones…….wait a minute… that’s not even an accurate rip-off from Marvel!

You got me! Here’s our real story - Securicore is a boutique IT Security and Network Solutions company formed in 2003 by Rahul Narsimhan. During our formative years, Rahul, the resident CISSP was engaged in security assessments for various clients and the one issue that all of them were complaining about was email spam and lack of an effective solution.

While he was burning the midnight oil building/coding/testing his own anti-spam appliance he came across an antispam appliance from a then unknown vendor - Barracuda Networks. The price and features sounded too good to be true so Securicore had to try it out. The rest is history, and Securicore continues to be one of their top partners in North America and the Top Partner in Canada, to date.

Just like Barracuda we only work with vendors that are agile, responsive, & adaptive to the ever-changing market. We offer solutions that are simple, effective, and affordable. We like to say we “eat our own dog food” because every solution we recommend and sell, has already passed muster with us. If we are not happy and satisfied neither will you and we would not be comfortable recommending it.

Since our humble beginnings we now have over 4500 clients across Canada. We have tried to stay true to our core beliefs by being focused on our customers and select vendors. However, we would not be here without you, our customers and vendors. And so, thank you for being part of our story.

Company Stats


Current Clients


Years in Business


Cups of Coffee Annually

Favourite Team Lunch – Tie between Thai & Afghani Cuisine

4 Beards on Staff: 1 Platinum Hair & 1 Rainmaker (literally)

4,378 Security Appliances Deployed.
3,000+ Wireless Lan AP’s

2,500 Free T-Shirts Given

Movie that all employees have to watch – Office Space

Meet the Core Team

Rahul Narsimhan
- CEO/ Idea Jedi / Chief Trouble Maker

Rahul is the founder and the chief geek at Securicore. Also called the “Ideas Man” he instills dread in rest of the team every time he comes up with something new.

He started his career in Hotel & Hospitality industry in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Work and training took him to India, Nepal, Hong Kong, Bahrain, USA & Oman. In 1994 he caught the Internet bug and changed his career path in 1997. As a Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, Sun Microsystem certified tech, he cut his teeth while working for an ISP in Toronto/Canada. In 2001 he started specializing in network security and became a CISSP in 2002. In 2003 he branched out as an independent consultant and founded Securicore Inc. He is also the founder and CEO of HiveRadar Inc and holds the US and Canadian Design Patents as the co-inventor for the wireless site survey Kit.
He is an avid outdoor/wildlife enthusiast who, in his teens, spent a summer taking care of elephants at Tiger Tops wildlife resort in Royal Chitwan National Park, Nepal. A foodie who likes trying new cuisines and would someday like to retrace Anthony Bourdain’s travels across the world and visit every exotic location.. A seasonal motorcyclist Rahul can be seen cruising the scenic highways of British Columbia/Canada. He’s also a wannabe astro-photographer and a student pilot working towards his PPL. He is currently planning and working on building a full motion flight simulator in the garage with his son.
A 23 year IT veteran Rahul oversees the company’s operations and is always on the lookout for solutions to make an IT tech’s life easy.

Matty Narsimhan
- Manager Renewals / Brand Warrior / Self-Designated Adult In-Charge

Matty started her career in IT Recruitment working for a Toronto based recruitment firm in 1997. She grew the company from 3 employees to 150 employees before joining Securicore in 2009. Yes she is the boss’s wife (we all know who the real boss is!😉), but is also the hardest working and very organized. Hence, she has the toughest job, staying in constant contact with all our 4500+ clients. She is also the only person at Securicore leading a double life. She could be a Mossad agent and we wouldn’t know it. Outside of her hours at Securicore she goes by her real name – Mahtab Narsimhan and is the author of twelve books for children. Her very first book The Third Eye won a Readers Choice Award in Ontario. Several of her other books have received critical acclaim and have been nominated for awards. Her books are available for purchase at Chapters/Amazon or to borrow from your local public library. You can read more about her literary achievements at

In her spare time she enjoys writing, reading, and hiking. She also enjoys baking and her sourdough starters have been named after GoT (Game of Throne) characters. Sadly, Jon Snow perished despite two attempts to keep him alive. She is happy to report that Arya survived and is thriving.

Mike Cirillo
- GM / Master of Underling Staff / Sith Lord of Creativity/

Mike graduated from Humber College in Toronto in Advertising and Graphic Design and started his career at Securicore in 2008 as a Graphic & Web Design Intern. He was eventually instrumental in the design and release of our Cudastats Application and widgets which provided a Network Administrator quick visibility at the performance of the Barracuda Anti-Spam Gateway. As a General Manager he handles many administrative tasks but Mike is the in-house specialist for Extreme & SignalWire product lines. He also assists customers with WLAN predictive planning. He’s the co-founder of HiveRadar Inc and co-inventor of the wireless site survey kit.

Mike says he enjoys attending music concerts and spending time camping and fishing. The rest of us at Securicore have translated that to mean doing nothing and drinking beer all day! He is actively involved in building a compact furnished camping trailer that he wants to market and start selling. He is a bonafide Star Wars fan, collector and believes he is Obiwan (we think he is Luke and Rahul often has the Darth Vader virtual chokehold on him, to remind him who the father is).

Amit Sandhu (a.k.a. Amteshwar Singh Sandhu)
- Sales Engineer / Chief Security Stormtrooper / Internal Maestro of Mayhem

Amit completed his Masters in Computer Science/Engineering from Dalhousie University located in the beautiful maritime Province of Nova Scotia, Canada. As a Masters student, Amit was also a teaching assistant and was awarded scholarship by the University. When Amit interviewed for his job at Securicore his Professor (also a reference) told us he was very intense. Boy, were we in for a surprise! All you have to do is ask him about a feature in the firewall and his eyes light up like twin laser beams. He has been tasked with writing “How to” tech articles for the blog “Better call Sandhu”. (Yes we know, but ours is better!). Amit is our certified engineer for Barracuda, Extreme, Scale Computing and Turnium product line.

Our favourite Amit anecdote (true story!) is when he ordered a steak. The server asked how he would like it cooked- rare or medium? Mr. Intense responded, “Fully cooked since I am paying full price.”
Amit is regular fixture at the local gym, working out at the crack of dawn. He claims to enjoy long hikes and spending time in nature but we think he means long drives and exploring surrounding towns and cities.
He loves fantasy movies and associates himself with the character “Ron Weasley”. I think that’s just to throw us off. We only see Amit in designer clothing not the Weasley hand-me-downs!

Jatin K
- Application Development / Digital Sorcerer / Organizer of Random Thoughts and Erratic Activity

Jatin is a Computer Science graduate from University of Windsor in Ontario/Canada and a recipient of the Academic Award of Excellence. He joined Securicore as an Application Developer in 2015 and was baptized by fire. He is responsible for all our in-house web development as well as creating customized captive portal authentication pages for our clients. He is also assists with wifi predictive planning. Jatin is the quietest guy in the office and flies under the radar, just like a ninja. He relates to his favourite movie character Kevin McCallister from Home Alone. We do not have the heart to tell him that Kevin always got left behind.

When not at work Jatin enjoys cooking, painting, travelling, and exploring (?) . He is an avid Reef/aquarist and is currently honing his skills to keep Nemo, his pet fish, happy.

Tamar Pomerantz
- Customer Success Specialist / Social Media Sorceress / Digital Experience Doyen

Tamar is graduate from the University of Calgary where she studied International Relations and Political Sciences. We think she's a perfect fit to navigate the maze of corporate politics and customer relations. She is the primary contact and inhouse specialist for onboarding clients for SignalWire Work Virtual Office and SignalWire Virtual Events. Tamar is also the Ambassador of Buzz, keeping us connected with our existing and new clients through various social media platforms.

She has lived in four countries but comes from the mythical land of Svalbard (check the Golden Compass for precise location!) where she played with polar bears growing up (we wish this was all true). She likes skiing in winter and rock climbing in summer. She is the happiest out in the elements, which we non skiers/non-climbers would call healthy torture.

Mystery Money Man
- Financial Controller / Rain Man

The mystery man who is our financial controller works here only few days a week and does not want his identity revealed/ We’ve often wondered why? He is a Chartered Professional Accountant and a tax planner who is constantly reminding each of us to be frugal and save for a rainy day. Talking about rainy days, the day he shows up in the office wearing full rain gear, watch out! We’re sure to have severe rain and localized flooding in the city.

We have forbidden him to talk to clients who are past due as he does not mince words. Our favourite anecdote about Rain Man (also a true story!) is encapsulated in this hilarious exchange.
Rain Main dials Client’s main line.
Office Admin: “Hello, may I help you?”
Rain Main : “Are you authorized to write and sign a cheque?”
Office Admin (a little flustered) : “Er…no, I’m afraid not.”
Rain Man : “Then, no, you can’t help me.” And he hung up.
We can only imagine the poor Office Admin’s expression as we ROTFL.

Reji George
- Microsoft & Azure Lead Consultant / Master Universe Builder

Reji George, has over 20+ years of in-depth experience in the IT industry, delivering high quality professional services to several fortune 100 companies., Reji is an enthusiastic technology professional who has a track record of building strong relationships with executive decision makers and management. He is extremely proficient in various business operations and a solution driven leader, mentor and change agent with a demonstrated customer focused mindset. He has extensive experience in customer relationship management (CRM) as well as internal partners for key business priorities. He worked as a senior escalation engineer at Microsoft providing technical solutions for Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint and other technologies to corporate customers. He was a team lead at JTI, implemented various global technology innovations & projects, including worldwide consolidation for Active Directory & Exchange Infrastructure, Data archiving solutions, Office 365 migration etc. Reji is presently working as a senior technical consultant leading a team of Microsoft consultants, managing enterprise clients and facilitating the delivery of projects.

Josh K
- Cabling Wizard / Director of Awe-Inspiring Feats

Josh is our go to expert for any cabling projects, big or small. He has done cable drops for us ranging from a small office with a few rooms to a multi-storied office or school with several hundred rooms/ levels. Josh is a wiz at making the communication room and server cabinet cabling look like a million bucks.

Aftab Narsimhan
- Electrical Engineer / Prophet of Events That Will Never Happen

Not another Narsimhan! This young padwan works full time as a Software Engineer at Arista Networks. He surfaces once in a blue moon to impart some nuggets of technical wisdom and then disappears again. We’re seriously considering micro-chipping this guy!

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